Orange County Drug Crimes Attorneys – Orange County Criminal Lawyers

The war on drugs has left many defendants facing drug crimes in serious trouble. Orange County, CA is among many counties that have doubled down on catching those selling, manufacturing or in possession of dangerous drugs. If a person is in possession of a drug or paraphernalia they can be charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime. The difference in charges depends on the amount and type of drug, whether or not it was being sold and a person’s previous criminal record.

Orange County criminal lawyer can help a non-violent drug offender receive an alternative to jail time. Other actions such as drug court may be an option, with the exception of persons having a previous record or having large quantity of drugs. California’s “Three Strike Law” is generally considered in drug crimes as well. Those having more than one strike or drug charge may face as much as 25 years to life in prison.

Legal representation is of vital importance for drug crimes charged in Orange County. The punishment can result in a life altering change. It is important to have an experienced attorney to help plead your case and avoid having strikes on your record.